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Replace all
notebooks with
The Infinity Binder.

What Is It?

A dry erase binder that combines both dry erase board and notebook technology. It also simplifies the note taking and retrieving process. Writing notes, photographing, and uploading allows the user to conveniently edit and access their notes online.

Write - Photograph - Forget
with our dry erase notebooks.
How To Use It?

Write your notes in the binder and take a photo of it, perhaps with TurboScan. Upload the photos to a digital database where you can access them anywhere on any device. With PDFescape, you can also edit any notes you have taken and have access to them online.

Why Use It?

Go Green!
Replaces all other notebooks and saves paper.
Convenient mobility and quick note taking.
A stack of notebooks becomes
One notebook.

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taking dry erase notes

Take Notes
Take notes either of important details in class or in a meeting.

photograph notes

Take a photo of the notes you've
written down.
Check out TurboScan below!
upload notes

Upload your photos where you can access them anywhere on any device.